The Soap Story beauty of making soap...

This is a story of the grace shown to us by the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  We give thanks to him for this wonderful opportunity to make soap.  By His grace we strive to produce an authentic handmade soap in excellence.


This story started with a search for a traditional soap called Boerseep, a Multi-purpose soap that can clean almost anything. The soap was meant for a person who has an insatiable love for the Lord Jesus, little did we know that we would have to learn how to make this specific soap ourselves. 


While on this search, my mother, who lived in Williston in Northern Cape at that time, told me that there were still two ladies in Williston that knew how to make Boerseep the traditional way. Both ladies were willing to teach us, but we would have to bring our own ingredients and equipment.  We prayed, and both my husband and I heard to go to Williston to learn……and so we went.


We arrived in Williston with our ingredients (3.5kg of sheep fat, and lye), and all our equipment, i.e. an old bed sheet, an empty beer box, a 20ltr bucket and a broomless broom stick! Reality of the endeavour only hit us when Tannie Elsa informed us we would be mixing the hot fat and lye in the bucket with the broomstick! Then Tannie Pottie proceeded to show us how to prepare the lye and water mix in nothing other than an old bed pan!  We ended up stirring for quite a while (a little more than 2 hours to be precise), taking turns, and listening to years of experience cramped into this short course. In the end it was totally worth it!!!


From those beginnings, our soap making has grown into a variety of soaps, from Boerseep to body soaps. Our Boerseep is made exclusively from sheep. While all our body soaps are made from plant based raw materials; these include Olive oil as our base oil and nourishing oils such as Coconut oil, Shea-butter, Castor oil, and Sunflower oil.  

This story is not one of a lone endeavour, over the years a number of friends have contributed to the refinement of the soap products we offer.  And as mentioned in the beginning, this story has unfolded and continues to unfold by the Grace of our saviour the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


100% Natural. All our soap are made with raw materials and the fragranced soap are fragranced with essential oils.

The Unconventional Use of Boerseep

An Artist’s Use of Boerseep


The first place where this Boerseep was sold as an off-the-shelf product was at the art studio at Kunshuis (Art House). This studio is owned and run by a local artist from Jamestown (near Stellenbosch); Miss Marriana Booyens.  From her studio, Marriana offers art classes, and produces and sells her artwork.


Given that Marriana is an artist who does a lot of paintings, which include oil paintings, watercolours, mix media and encaustic work, she has paint brushes that frequently need cleaning.  She was the first to use this Boerseep as an additional step to clean her paint brushes after using a brush cleanser.  She found that the Boerseep effectively removed the finer paint particles that cleave to the brush fibres without damaging the fibres and hence extending the life span of her brushes.


For more information about Marriana and the Kunshuis, you can visit her website at: or

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